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Digitally constructed shelf

For Doctors

Custom Videos Made To Resonate With Your  Patients

Our Services

  • Patient Education Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Other custom videos

Benefits of AI video creation


AI videos can be completed in as little as 1 week: from design, to edits, to final version.


Experience professional-grade videos without the hefty costs typically associated with traditional production.


Seamlessly create multiple variations of the same video, including changing voices, characters, and languages.


How We Make Videos

1 | Planning

Script writing is where we shape your message and goals. We'll guide you through the writing process OR we can write it for you.

Send us your logo, brand guidelines, and images / videos you want to include. We also help you pick a character, voice, and music.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Jumpstart's videos explain the surgical process to our patients.  They find the information is easier to follow and prefer this over verbal delivery.  Our patients receive a consistent, uniform message and the practice runs more efficiently!

- Dr. Jennifer Hui, Eyelid Institute

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Digitally constructed shelf
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