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How Do We Create AI Videos?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

At Jumpstart AI, we are committed to simplifying the video production process, ensuring that your business can effortlessly produce compelling compelling customer videos.

Step 1: Script Writing

We kick off with script development, a fundamental starting point. You have the choice to write the script yourself or let us assist you. If you want our assistance, we ask you to provide an outline of what you want covered, and we will use that to write a script. You will have to provide one round of edits on the script.

Step 2: Logo & Images

For us to get started, please provide your logo, preferred colors, images of you or your team, and any relevant images or videos of your product or service. This helps us align the visuals with your message.

Step 3: Draft & Collaboration

With your input, we progress to reviewing your content and creating the initial video. We work collaboratively to ensure it meets your guidelines.

Step 4: Final Video

Your active involvement is vital. You have one round of edits to customize the video to your liking. We make sure your feedback is incorporated into the final video.

Lastly, we extend the option of incorporating variations, enabling you to modify characters, voices, calls to action, and even adapt the video into different languages, if required.

Have more questions? You can find answers on our FAQs page.

Connect with Jumpstart AI today and start creating engaging videos that resonate with your audience.

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